keys to Google's SEO strategy

Loading speed

Fast and fast, that is how any web page that wants to appear among the first Google results should be.

The loading speed of a website or, what is the same, WPO (Web Permormance Optimization) must be as fast as possible since it is a key factor in the user experience.

Like is logic, the longer the load time, the higher the bounce rate. In other words, the longer a page takes to fully load, the more likely it is that a user will get tired and decide to find what they are looking for on another site, in this case, on another website. Google knows this and that is why it rewards the good navigability and usability of a website.

Quality content

There is no use spending hours writing if the final content does not reach users. Therefore, SEO is the Bible of any blogger, copywriter, journalist, copy writer or content generator who writes for users who ask Google questions.

But don't be scared! It is not that complicated. If you want your content to pass the SEO exam, you just have to forget about other interests and pay attention to users' needs. As simple as that.

Hook title and meta description

Of all the factors that influence SEO positioning, the title is one of the most relevant. Both, both creativity and positioning, are the two star ingredients to take into account.

Through a creative title you will attract attention and invite the audience to click on the content. If, in addition, that striking title contains the keywords or the main keywords, it will climb positions in the ranking.

For its part, an attractive meta description with emojis will also help to encourage users to click on a website. You do not know what it is? The meta description is the text that search engines use as a description in their results.

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